Mark Padolina, M.S.N., R.N.

DAISY Award Winner | April 2020
Outpatient Surgery

The Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses | In Memory of J. Patrick Barnes
Mark Padolina

Mark is very attentive to his patients, family members and their needs, which on this particular day it doesn’t surprise anyone, Mark acted promptly upon learning the family was having issues regarding payment for the prescriptions. The patient had insurance that covered only one of four medication, leaving the rest of the prescriptions to be paid out of pocket. When the pharmacy was ready to collect the form of payment, the mom stated that she did not bring any cash nor a debit card leaving the rest of the prescriptions to be returned and for her to fill it whenever she gets home. It was cold with a snow storm warning on this particular day. Mark did not want for her to go out and drive in that cold weather just to get the other prescriptions filled, so without hesitation, paid for the rest of the prescriptions in which the pediatric patient was to have post-surgery. Asking Mark later about the situation, he replied with that big grin “Being a nurse for over 8 years taught me when you are concerned for the patient and family, you must broaden your perspective beyond yourself and focus your attention in helping that patient/family as much as you can showing compassion and empathy.” Mark is a role model showing us what it is to be truly compassionate thinking of others and not oneself. Mark’s inspiration is contagious making everyone around him excel.

We are proud to honor Mark Padolina, MSN, RN, as our April 2020 DAISY Award Recipient!

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