Maximo Makes Submitting Support Requests Easier

Jul 7th, 2022 | Uncategorized

If you’ve found submitting support requests difficult in the past, the new Maximo work management system is designed to make support requests easier for requesters and Facilities technicians. As of July 18, 2022, a new “Facilities Service Request” link will be available on the Service Now Portal page. Following the link will allow employees to submit support requests directly to our Facilities team, with a couple of important changes:

  • Requesters can enter the support request directly, preventing translation errors. Facilities team members will use the entered information to address any problem.
  • Direct support requests shorten the turnaround time from the support request to the work process, ensuring problems are handled faster.
  • Requesters can receive notifications informing them of the status of their request at any time, promoting transparency and efficiency.

In addition to Maximo improving the requester’s experience, integration with EZMaxMobile by InterPro Solutions also promises a clearer and more accessible workflow for technicians. With a few clicks, technicians can sign off on completed tasks, notifying requesters that their request has been answered and completed. This important change ensures that the work is done to satisfy the first time, every time.

The new support request system will be available on the Service Now Portal.

New Facilities Service Request Link:

EZMaxMobile Example Screen:


Maximo Tutorial Video:

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