OneTeam Leaders Build Resiliency Together

Oct 31st, 2022 | Uncategorized

At the end of September, UMC employees met for the OneTeam Leadership Resiliency Workshop, intended to support employees in their personal and professional well-being. The event, made possible by the Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) Employee Wellness & Resiliency Grant, was hosted by the keynote speaker, Nicholas Beamon, organizational culture and team development specialist. With Mr. Beamon’s coaching, a team of more than 330 employees and members of departmental leadership learned skills to help create resiliency, especially as we move into a more post-pandemic work environment.

UMC CEO Mark Funderburk offered the following remarks:

“As employees, I know you have a heart and mind that calls you to serve and care for others, along with a deep commitment to pushing through fatigue and challenging circumstances. This makes you incredibly special people. However, the pandemic has required more from us than ever before. Longer hours, harrowing patient experiences, and challenging childcare set-ups, to name a few.

In response to your ongoing service, it is my and our responsibility to support you…to provide you with the resources and tools to empower your personal resilience and help you show up consistently at full strength in every facet of your life. This program has been designed to share tools so that you can better care for yourself and experience satisfaction and fulfillment.”

The workshop is an effort of the Employee Wellness & Resilience Program, which is responsible for introducing workshops tailored to better employee mental health. In addition to workshops, the program offers day-to-day resources like MeQuilibrium; an app scientifically backed to help employees improve job satisfaction and suffer less burnout. No resource can comprehensively address the many facets that result from burnout and workplace stress. However, workshops, online resources, and personalized interventions like those from mental health professionals through the Employee Assistance Program seek to lighten the load of working in a strenuous environment. As always, it’s important to rely on one another, too, to show empathy and compassion for our team members as we do for our patients every day.

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