Passion 360 Brings Giving Full Circle

Sep 14th, 2022 | Uncategorized

UMC’s employees give selflessly every day. They dedicate their time in the service of their patients. They calm distressed families. They find ways to volunteer for Passion in Action campaigns, like building houses through Habitat for Humanity or teaching water safety at Lubbock’s Water Rampage. Giving, in many ways, is at the essence of who we are. UMC employees have also contributed to causes through UMC’s 30-Minute Club and the local chapter of the United Way by donating their time. By donating thirty minutes of pay per paycheck to these charitable funds, UMC employees have another way to make a difference in the lives of those in their communities. Now, UMC wants to recognize those employees who donate thirty minutes of pay per paycheck to both the 30-Minute Club and United Way through the new Passion 360 initiative.

Passion 360 is UMC’s newest dual-charity program to recognize those on our staff who give daily in their workplace and through generous donations. Those that donate to Passion 360 are contributing to over 23 partner agencies providing financial support for scholarships, bereavements, help funds, and the UMC Children’s Hospital. Further, to recognize those willing to give to their fullest, Passion 360 members can earn exclusive prizes, a Passion 360 t-shirt to help show off your giving pride, and extra paid time off (PTO)! But most important is the impact a recurring donation can have on those around us.

United Way is intimately involved in increasing children’s literacy in the local community. They provide action plans to improve school readiness, attendance, and summer learning access. “United We Read” is a program that offers children books and puts volunteers in the classroom with students. Together, they teach general literacy skills that help students succeed in school, leading to a better life.

The 30-Minute Club has provided $51,000 in scholarships to UMC employees and family members and has provided funding to those in our UMC family that have suffered from sudden life-changing events. Contributing to the combined program, Passion 360, brings your giving full circle, bettering lives, changing our future, and showing the full impact of our generous caregivers at UMC.

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