Patients & Visitors

UMC provides helpful resources meant to assist patients and their visitors. We offer counseling services, updated public health information, pricing and financial assistance, and details to ease the burden of long hospital stays and travel. We know that connectedness between patients and their families helps foster healing. UMC strives to create an accessible, comfortable environment for everyone who walks through our doors.

News & Events

  • 45th Annual UMC Employee Banquet

    45th Annual UMC Employee Banquet

    For all time-in-service honorees, save the date for the 45th Annual Employee Banquet, honoring the daily commitment of our incredible staff to UMC and its vital mission. Date: February 17,…

  • UMC Shines the Light to Beat Cancer

    UMC Shines the Light to Beat Cancer

    One speaker called it “a strange predicament.” A series of “electric shocks” through his elbow began a journey that revealed lung tumors and a cancer diagnosis. After five rounds of…

  • A Letter to TeamUMC

    A Letter to TeamUMC

    Dear TeamUMC, Our Passion is You is more than a Brand Promise to patients. It is our promise to our employees as well. Each year we implement new ways to…

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