Frequently Asked Questions



What is MyTeamCare?

MyTeamCare is safe and convenient access to your physicians and medical information. It's a system that allows you to communicate with your healthcare provider and access your medical records.

How do I access MyTeamCare?

Are my personal medical records safe online?

Your health information is private and secure. It can only be accessed with the password you choose.

What kind of information will be online?

Your medical history and documents like medication lists, allergies, immunizations, health issues, surgeries, procedures and some test results will be online.

How do I sign up?

  • Sign up can begin during or after any hospital or doctor visit. Once registration has started, a personal pin will be assigned, an invitation will be sent to your personal email, and then you can create a new secure password to complete your registration.
  • You can also self-enroll into MyTeamCare without an invitation by visiting Self-Enrollment for MyTeamCare.

Where can I find my Medical Record Number (MRN)?

Your Medical Record Number (MRN) can be found on your billing statement, appointment reminder, or your last clinic visit summary.

Why can’t I see my most recent test results?

It may take several days or weeks for your most recent test results to be processed and reported to your provider. If you feel your most recent test results should be available in MyTeamCare, please contact your provider’s office.

Can I activate MyTeamCare for a family member?

MyTeamCare gives parents or legal guardians of minors (under 18 years of age) access to their children’s medical records. For more information, please ask the front office staff at their pediatrician’s office at their next appointment.

Is there a monthly charge to use MyTeamCare?

No! MyTeamCare is a complimentary service to our patients.

How can I reset my MyTeamCare password?

Click “Forgot Password” on MyTeamCare and enter the requested information.

What is CernerHealth?

MyTeamCare uses Cerner Health to provide a secure username and password used to access your patient record information.

For additional MyTeamCare account questions, support is available any time at 1.877.621.8014

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