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UMC Pregnancy is a maternity must! We want to empower you in your, and your baby’s, health. During this time, you have so many questions, and UMC is here to make your transition into motherhood go as smoothly as possible.

The UMC Pregnancy app can help you keep up with your baby’s development, receive daily tips, count the baby’s kicks, time contractions and so much more! The app also has useful links to find a doctor, and how to sign up for UMC’s Maternity classes. 

Some of Our Favorite Features

Hospital Services And Support

Hospital Services And Support App screenshot

From here you can:

  • Learn more about UMC Family Birthing Center class offerings
  • Find a UMC Provider and request appointments
  • Pre-register for your baby’s arrival at UMC Family Birthing Center
  • Sign in or sign up for MyTeamCare, UMC’s patient portal to access your health records

Sign in or Sign up for MyTeamCare, UMC’s patient portal to access your health records

You can also learn about what we offer at UMC, from Doulas and Lactation Educators to maternity classes. Explore all of the ways we make your pregnancy journey easier.

My Baby

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Get weekly updates on your baby’s progress as he or she grows in the womb. Here you can read about the approximate size of your baby, what development stages he or she is at and more.

Doc Says

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We deliver Doc Says content to you daily! With tips and updates every day, you conquer this thing called pregnancy. Just remember, this is not a substitution for medical advice you receive at your doctor’s appointments. Use these tips in conjunction with topics discussed at your visits.

Here you can also find your pregnancy timeline, with an approximation of when certain things will happen during your pregnancy.

My Pregnancy

My Pregnancy | UMC Pregnancy App Screenshot

Check out our guide of questions to ask your care provider at each appointment. Not sure what to pack in your hospital bag? Use the Hospital Bag Checklist as your guide. In My Pregnancy you can also look at symptoms that are normal for each stage of pregnancy, count baby’s kicks, and time contractions.

Don’t worry, Mom! Together, we’ve got this.

More Cool Features

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Tell a friend about the app, learn more about UMC Health System and connect with us on social media.

Customer Service

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The UMC Pregnancy team reads every email and takes to heart all of your reviews. We are here for YOU. This is your pregnancy. This is your baby. This is your app. Please do let us know if you have an issue by sending an email to And don’t forget to share your love for UMC Pregnancy by reviewing it on your app store and sharing it with your friends and family!

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