Geriatric Hip and Femur Fracture Program

UMC’s Geriatric Hip and Femur Fracture Program cares for those over 65 with hip and femur fractures. In addition to cutting-edge care and successful outcomes, this program equips you and your family with the tools necessary to navigate the care process in the event of a hip or femur fracture.

What to expect from our Geriatric Hip and Femur Fracture Program:

  • A detailed team approach consisting of orthopaedic surgery, anesthesiology, hospitalists, physical and occupational therapy, specialized nursing care, social work and dietitians
  • Surgical repair of hip or femur fracture within 24-48 hours (pending clearance)
  • Daily management of patients by orthopaedic surgeons and hospitalists to minimize complications
  • Early and intensive post-operative physical and occupational therapy evaluation and treatment to maximize return to activity and independent function
  • Close monitoring and treatment for pneumonia and delirium, as well as common complications after hip and femur fracture surgery in the elderly
  • Close monitoring and treatment of pain with less narcotics, which allows for a quicker return to function while decreasing risk of side effects of medication
  • Personalized care from social workers in order to optimize the best post-hospital care and rehabilitation

In addition to providing cutting-edge medical care and successful outcomes, UMC’s Geriatric Hip and Femur Fracture Program offers and all-inclusive, step-by-step information guide that will help the patient and their loved one(s) navigate through each step of this process, beginning in the UMC Emergency Center.

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