2020 UMC Gala Benefitting UMC Cardiac Rehab

Feb 11th, 2020 | Latest News

UMC is celebrating yet another successful Gala put on by the UMC Foundation! This year, we raised $349,000 directly benefitting UMC’s new Cardiac Rehabilitation Center. 

Cardiac rehab is the, often unnoticed, care that goes on behind the scenes after a patient has undergone surgery or a cardiac event. Although we have provided this care for years, we recently expanded our cardiac rehab facilities to care even better for these patients. 

As the region’s most comprehensive cardiac program, UMC’s Heart Center fights heart disease every day. We are grateful for each person who, through their commitment to the 2020 UMC Gala, joined us in this fight.

Learn more about UMC’s Cardiac Rehabilitation program in the article following this one, titled “UMC Cardiac Rehabilitation Spotlight.”

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