Case Managers Spotlight

Dec 15th, 2021 | Latest News, News

UMC Case Managers play multiple roles in our health system, the main role being to connect clinical care to the financial components involved in care. They do this by dissecting patients’ charts and consolidating the information in a way for insurance companies to review and reimburse UMC for the treatment received. Our Case Managers are also registered nurses, so they get to connect with patients and discuss their care with them. They also are fully responsible for the discharge process of certain demographic patients, as well.

Case Management Cover 

Here at UMC, the Case Management Department includes 20 case managers, two advanced illness nurses, one diabetic educator, and one Lubbock County Medical Indigent (LCMI) and health plan operations manager. All of these roles work together, and with other departments, to provide coordination of care as well as helping secure financial integrity for UMC.

We are so thankful for our Case Management Department and the value they bring to UMC and our community!

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