Celebrating our Physicians

Sep 4th, 2020 | Latest News

Recognizing and honoring our physicians is important to us! We HAD to make sure we could still honor our physicians with a banquet this year, so we went virtual. Physicians received the banquet presentation on a thumb drive, along with a gift box to celebrate. Thank you to ALL physicians who use UMC to provide care!


This year we celebrated:

29 physicians with 5 years of service

13 physicians with 10 years of service

14 physicians with 15 years of service

14 physicians with 20 years of service

Along with:

25 Years of Service

Howard Beck, M.D.

Dolores Buscemi, M.D.

Patrick Hanford, D.O

Cynthia Jumper, M.D.

Dana Phillips, M.D.

Mike Ragain, M.D.

Girish Vallabhan, M.D.

Paul Walter, M.D.

30 Years of Service

Elias Ghandour, M.D.

35 Years of Service

Dale Dunn, M.D., MBA

Anne Epstein, M.D.

Michael Robertson, M.D.

40 Years of Service

Teb Thames, M.D.

Physician Banquet

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