CMN Miracle Kid Spotlight

Aug 9th, 2021 | Latest News, News

On Christmas night 2020, Lillie began running a fever. Her mom, Stephanie, and dad, Joey, tested positive for COVID-19 two days later. They knew Lillie must have gotten it, too.

They received a shock on December 29 when Lillie had a seizure. As Stephanie held Lillie, Joey made the call to 911. UMC EMS transported sweet Lillie to the UMC Children’s Emergency Center. Dr. Justin Holmes and Dr. James Ko of the EC and Clayton Womack, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, confirmed a diagnosis of meningitis.

Lillie underwent a CT, MRI and EEG – an electroencephalogram – to detect electrical activity of the brain and was admitted to the Pediatric ICU. This is where Stephanie and Joey witnessed a miracle! Although the extent of recovery was unknown, Lillie gradually healed and has since returned to her sweet, wonderful self!

The Stones are so thankful to the entire Pediatric ICU team, led by Dr. Tiva, Dr. Lampe, Dr. Pomeroy, Shawn Reeves, and Clayton Womack. UMC Children’s Hospital nurses and Child Life Specialists provided an experience that was beyond compare. In fact, Stephanie and Joey were “blown away” by their UMC family who continuously checked on them, even bought them groceries, and served them with passion.

Lillie is home and happy with Mom and Dad!

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