CMN Miracle Kid Spotlight: Bethany Lee and Elizeth Andazola

Sep 4th, 2020 | Latest News


Bethany Lee

On October 23, 2019, Bethany’s teacher took her, and 3 other children, to pick up a book. During the trip, a driver did not see a stop sign and broad-sided the large SUV Bethany and the others were in. Bethany was riding in the 3
rd row and was wearing her seatbelt, but she still suffered extensive injuries.

Bethany was airlifted to UMC Children’s Hospital from Hobbs, New Mexico. It was determined she suffered an atlanto-occipital dislocation (internal decapitation). While in the Pediatric ICU, she was given medication to keep her from having seizures.

On October 28, Dr. Laszlo Nagy, Texas Tech Physician’s Pediatric Neurosurgeon, performed surgery on her broken neck. Dr. Thomas McGill, Pediatric Surgeon, removed a rib from under her shoulder blade, and Dr. Nagy was able to fuse the gap between her skull and spine. She was in the hospital for 23 days before spending 46 days at an inpatient rehabilitation center.

Bethany went back to school in January 2020 and is close to being back to herself! She continues to have speech, occupational and physical therapy. 


Elizeth Andazola

In May of 2017, when she was just 5 years old, Elizeth suffered a stroke caused by an autoimmune disorder affecting the liver. She stayed at the UMC Children’s Hospital for two weeks and continued in speech, physical and occupational therapy after.

Elizeth was routinely monitored under the care of Dr. Mohamad Al-Rahawan in the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic in the UMC Cancer Center. Then in May 2019, she began vomiting, experiencing diarrhea and bruising. Blood work revealed she had Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Her treatment plan consisted of chemotherapy Monday-Friday for 8 months. While in treatment Elizeth had the privilege of performing in an abbreviated version of the Nutcracker with Ballet Lubbock students at the Pediatric Cancer Christmas Party.

She completed her treatment in January of 2020 and rang the bell to celebrate! She continues to be monitored through monthly visits to the UMC Cancer Center. She is excited to be a 3rd grader at Oak Grove Elementary School in Brownfield.

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