Brittney Rosin, BSN, RN

DAISY Award Winner | December 2020
5 West

The Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses | In Memory of J. Patrick Barnes
Brittney Rosin

Please help us congratulate Brittney Rosin as our December 2020 DAISY Nurse!

Our family would like to nominate Brittney Rosin for the prestigious Daisy Award because of the incredible care she provided my mom during her last day at the hospital before going home on palliative care. We have had numerous experiences with nurses over the last several years because of our mom’s illness, but we have NEVER had a nurse that touched our hearts like Brittney did! There are nurses that join the profession for the money and prestige, but for Brittney, it is a passion and a calling. It takes a special kind of person with a compassionate personality, a gentle hand, and a loving heart to care for people in their times of need. These are a special set of skills that are only possessed by a select few and Brittney is definitely one of the few. I know the Lord planted seeds of love, kindness, compassion, and empathy deep inside her heart long before she made a commitment to care for others. Because of her compassionate and gentle care, my mother felt comfortable and at ease with her decision to transition home with palliative care. I have never seen a nurse kneel down beside a patient and talk to them like Brittney did with our mom. I am in the field of education and we know the importance of proximity and getting down on a person’s level. Rarely does one see a nurse who understands the importance of this action. The care Brittney gave our mother went far beyond standard nursing! She not only took care of her medical needs, she touched her heart and left a lasting impression we will never forget. Brittney used her personal funds to purchase a Precious Moments lamb she gave my mom her last day at the hospital as well as a balloon with all the nurse’s signatures. As small as this seems, it meant the world to my Mom where it stayed by her side until she passed away at home 4 days later. Even during her last hours, we saw her rubbing the curly fur on the lamb to ease and comfort her as she slept. At my dad’s request, the lamb remains on her bedside pillow today. The balloon Brittney gave her, with all the 5 West nurse’s signatures, is still attached to her nightstand lamp. She talked numerous times about the Dr. Pepper float Brittney made her. You see, my Mom hadn’t had a Dr. Pepper in almost a year and a half because of her dialysis. She decided that day she wanted a Dr. Pepper because now could have whatever she wanted. Brittney walked in the room as mom took her first drink and offered to make her a Dr. Pepper float. My mother beamed! We want to thank UMC for hiring a nurse like Brittney Rosin. She is definitely one in a million and we will always remember her and the specialized care she gave our mom. Sincerely, Shirley Marshall Family

We are proud to honor Brittney Rosin as our November 2020 DAISY Recipient!

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