Burn Care

With a comprehensive team approach, patients in our Lubbock burn center, and their families, achieve rapid recovery and return to normal and productive life.

Welcome to the UMC Timothy J. Harnar Burn Center

UMC’s Timothy J. Harnar Regional Burn Center is one of only four American Burn Association (ABA) verified burn centers in Texas and is one of 47 regional burn centers in the United States. Our burn center is also one of three units continually verified since 1993. This means UMC provides the absolute best in care for the burn-injured. Our care includes physical, social, spiritual and psychological wellbeing.

Our burn care consists of four major components: wound management, pain management, rehabilitation, and nutrition support. From the first moments of a burn injury, members of the team work to prevent further damage to the wound. This includes rapid assessment of the burn for its type and severity and treating it appropriately.

The UMC Timothy J. Harnar Burn Center is also designated as a Burn Research Center of Excellence.

Patient care is constantly being improved through our research by addressing the following:

  • Growing Skin
  • Better Dressings
  • Improved Rehab
  • Better Pain Management


The first 24 hours of burn-injured-patient resuscitation is crucial to improving outcomes and survivability. View this quick reference document for transport recommendations from the American Burn Association and the UMC Burn Center.


Two integral pieces of the recovery process for the burn-injured patient are rehabilitation and support. As a Level I Trauma Center, UMC is committed to beginning the recovery process upon admission.

UMC provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and social services in both in-patient and out-patient settings. And our partnership with South Plains Rehabilitation Hospital allows us to transfer patients to an outstanding inpatient rehabilitation facility, if necessary.

Burn survivors of West Texas support group

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