Clarissa Cantu, BSN, RN

DAISY Award Winner | July 2020

The Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses | In Memory of J. Patrick Barnes
Clarissa Cantu

On the night of April 25th, a patient in the Medical ICU was deteriorating quickly. We had reached out several times to find a priest per the family’s request to perform the Anointing of the Sick. As these devastating times have interrupted most of our normalcy we were unsuccessful in our attempt. Clarissa, who overheard about the situation, but was not caring for the patient reached out to the family on her own doing. She offered the support of her own church and priest to the daughter of the patient. At that time, the daughter provided the name and number of the family’s own priest. Despite the chaos of COVID, Clarissa arranged for the priest, the family, and the patient to connect via Facetime. With some technological difficulties, Clarissa was able to configure a set up so the family could be apart of the Anointing of the Sick. She took it upon herself to gown up in full PPE to ensure the patient and the family could have this last special time together. Due to Clarissa’s heroic measures, the family was able to be at peace, and see their mother for the last time. Although the family was not able to be by the patient’s side during this difficult time, Clarissa provided the comfort and support the family needed. Before leaving the patient’s room, Clarissa performed the patient’s last blessing and Sign of the Cross, which is not simply an action, but a prayer in itself.

We are proud to honor Clarissa Cantu, BSN, RN as our July 2020!

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