UMC Includes Me

University Medical Center has developed an inclusive and welcoming culture, understanding that diversity tempers our strength. By representing and promoting cross-cultural values, our hospital environment becomes a place of equity, accessibility, and trust. UMC Includes Me is an organization led by a committee of diverse healthcare professionals. We broaden our organization’s cultural horizons and expand our perspectives through commitment to our mission.

Our Mission

To enrich the culture of UMC by promoting inclusion and building on the strengths of everyone.


Providing Outstanding Service Across Cultures

Quality customer service meets the needs of our patients and visitors in ways that have value and meaning to them. Multicultural Service (MCS) goes a step further in recognizing that needs and expectations may vary across cultures. Providing the same quality service to all customers frequently means adapting our personal delivery style and usual business practices to meet individual needs. 

Our History

In 2008, UMC began placing a strong emphasis on building an inclusive culture. The first step was to create an Inclusive Culture Council. The purpose of the Council is to support and guide the diversity and inclusion process at UMC Health System. Working with the Inclusive Culture Executive Committee, the Inclusive Culture Leadership Committee, the UMC Health System Senior Leadership Team, and the Board of Managers, the Council has and will continue to create strategies and initiate action to achieve a fully diverse and inclusive workplace and workforce that addresses the needs of the hospital.

View our Months in Diversity Videos below!

Black History Month

Independence Day

Canada Day

Nelson Mandela Day

Women’s Equality Day

International Day of the World’s Indigenous People

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