Perfect Score for 18 Consecutive Years

Jun 3rd, 2021 | Uncategorized

UMC is so proud of our Food and Nutrition Department for achieving their 18th consecutive perfect city health department inspection!

Our Food and Nutrition Department consists of the main cafeteria, the East Tower kitchen, and the East Tower Starbucks. Every day, managers take a walk through their area and make sure everything is up to code. The food must be stored and labeled correctly; employees need to be washing their hands and should be wearing the correct uniform. They have now proved for 18 years that they do each of these things perfectly!

The department’s overall goal is to be clean, and keep everyone safe— from patients to employees. They also have a 3rd party company survey them before their main audit, and this year they scored 100%!

Another cool thing happening in UMC Food and Nutrition is they implemented bedside ordering about a month ago. A hostess gathers orders on a tablet and then sends the order straight to the kitchen. This allows for personalized meal options based both off of preference and dietary restrictions. Patients’ allergies can be recorded immediately so the staff knows what/what not to serve each patient.

We are so proud of our Food and Nutrition Department! These employees work hard all year round to ensure our patients and their families are getting a fresh, hot meal while they walk through their healthcare journey.

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