Diabetes Self-Management

Live In Control - Managing Diabetes Together

“Live in Control” is a four-week diabetes self-management education program taught by certified lifestyle coaches. The goal of this program is to empower individuals who are living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes with the knowledge and tools to better manage their diabetes.  

“Live in Control” is a family-centered program that encourages support from family and friends, enables problem solving through real-life situations, and helps participants identify what works and what doesn’t work as well in managing diabetes.

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This program emphasizes:

  • Diabetes disease basics
    • What is the safe blood glucose range?
    • What are the signs of low blood glucose and how do you treat it?
    • What should your blood glucose be before and after eating?
  • Testing blood glucose levels
    • Basics of checking your blood glucose
    • Where to test your blood glucose
  • Portion size and meal planning
    • The three main nutrients in foods
    • How carbs affect blood glucose
    • Reading food labels
    • Creating a health plate
  • Physical activity and diabetes
    • What should your blood glucose be before and after physical activity?
  • Medicine and diabetes
    • Understand how your medications work and when you should take them
  • Preventing diabetes complications
    • Which annual exams should be scheduled
    • What to watch for at home

If you are interested in attending the “Live in Control” class, please click here.

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