Senior Care & Services

The UMC Seniors Are Special Program focuses on unique ways we can support seniors and their health care needs that go beyond regular clinical services. We offer a variety of services that include education, wellness and recreational activities.

UMC Health System believes that the seniors in our community are important and should be very well taken care of.

UMC and the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center have teamed up to help those 60 years old and better save on hospital and healthcare expenses. Seniors Are Special is a plan that costs nothing to join. It adds nothing to the cost of healthcare, and it saves time and worry while providing the special care that our members deserve.

Contact Senior Services

To contact Senior Services, please call 806.761.0676.

Seniors Are Special offers special benefits such as: 

  • Health screenings
  • Exciting travel opportunities and social events
  • Monthly newsletter and seminars on healthy lifestyles
  • Physician appointment assistance and help with insurance claims
  • Free notary services
  • Discount on hearing aids through the Texas Tech Department of Surgery
  • UMC Activities Center access
  • And much more!

When members are hospitalized or visit UMC, there are also many extra caring touches.

Individuals 60 years old and better who have acceptable health insurance for both physician and hospital benefits, as well as anyone over the age of 65 with Medicare can join. The program is also open to teacher, government or military employees, and past or present railroad employees with acceptable health insurance.

Senior Education

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