Thank You for 40 Years of Service – Jesse Leal

Feb 22nd, 2022 | Latest News, News

2022 40 Years of Cheers - Jesse Leal

Jesse Leal has been with UMC for 40 years, and we are so thankful for his service! Read below to hear more about Jesse and why he loves UMC and continues to work for us.

Why did you choose UMC 40 years ago?

I chose Lubbock General Hospital 40 years ago at the age of 19 because of its close proximity to my house. At 59 it’s the proximity of my heart in NICU, my wife Teresa.

In what capacities have you worked during your time here?

I started as a trash and floor tech in housekeeping, then was a Central Stores tech/ supervisor, next a Radiology file clerk, then Central Sterile tech and currently a Respiratory Therapy tech.

What do you love most about UMC?

The thing I love the most about UMC is working alongside people that are positive and care about providing quality patient care.

What is UMC’s best quality?

UMC’s best quality is caring not only for its patients but its employees. We are grinders with a positive attitude. Let’s go!!!!

“Jesse is a true ambassador for UMC. He has worked for EVS, Central Stores, Radiology, Sterile, and Respiratory Care. Words to describe Jesse are dedicated, dependable, selfless, giving, compassionate, and team player. Jesse is a man of integrity and you can take his word to the bank. If he tells you he will do something, consider it done.”

– Anthony Trantham, Director of Respiratory Therapy

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