UMC Purchasing Awarded Best 50

Mar 25th, 2022 | Latest News, News

UMC’s purchasing department has once again been recognized as “Best 50” by Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) for the 2021 year. The “Best 50” honorees stand out amongst North America’s premier hospitals for their ability to demonstrate improved performance and drive down costs through supply chain automation.

UMC strives to make each dollar count and we are able to show this by having little to no errors when sending orders to vendors. Less than 2% of all orders we place have an error. We match our prices to what we should be paying according to our contracts, and we don’t overpay for products. By ordering our products the correct way, UMC is able to decrease delays in receiving products.

Among 956 hospitals across the country, UMC was placed among the “Best 50” being one of only three recipients in Texas. This stunning achievement puts UMC’s Purchasing department in the same tier as many of the nation’s largest healthcare systems.

GHX’s “Best 50” is comprised of the highest scorers in areas such as minimizing price exceptions, maximizing document automation, exchange utilization and trading partner connections during each calendar year.

The full list of 2021 winners and past winners can be found here. Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

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