Why did you choose UMC Physicians?

Dec 22nd, 2020 | Latest News

I chose UMCP because I love to assist and provide hospitality to people, and I love children. I strive for excellence, and I aim to be a leader while being the best that I can be to my patients. I never know what a person is going through so if I can help make a difference I will.

Regina Skinner, Patient Rep, Wolfforth

I was working in the ER at UMC and wanted a change of pace. UMC treated me well and made me feel like I was right where I needed to be, which is why the transition to UMCP was very easy and obvious.

Eduard Tam, Medical Scribe, NW Pediatrics

I have heard so many positive things about UMCP, and on my first day of in-processing I knew I made the right decision. Everyone is so very kind and helpful and, I am so happy to be given the opportunity to work for a great company.

Sheri Fagan, Coder/Biller, Internal Medicine

I was in need of a job, and when I started doing research about UMCP all of the reviews stated that UMCP is a great place to work at. Also, family members reached out and told me how employees at UMCP are treated well and everyone that works there is a part of a family. This caught my eye, because I wanted to work at a place that I am respected by others, and a place that I love.

Tia Moya, Patient Rep, Float 

I chose UMCP because I wanted to be a part of something special. I went to UMC or UMCP when I was sick growing up. I loved it every time.

Kaveri Conatser, Patient Rep, Milwaukee

I chose UMCP because they provide various opportunities, and they make a great impact on many peoples’ lives.

Yadira Hernandez, Referral Clerk, Referral Center

I worked at UMCP before becoming a nurse. I knew I wanted to come back one day to a clinic setting. When the opportunity came, I jumped on it!

Amanda Sullivan, RN, Dr. Barker

I chose UMC because I was wanting a better job opportunity, and they are the number one company to work for. I plan to work here long term. I love to help others.

Melissa McAdams, Patient Rep, Float 

I am majoring in health care management at TTUHSC and wanted experience working in health care. I saw many UMC clinics in Lubbock and thought it would be a great company to grow in and learn from.

Nasia Kim, Patient Rep, SW Family Medical

It was an amazing option, and I felt like it would benefit me in college with my major. It was also a more reliable job, and I’m very happy to have the opportunity to work here.

Allyson Baeza, Patient Rep, KingsPark Urgent Care

I chose UMCP because I loved how the nurses and doctors apart of UMCP care for their patients. Therefore, I decided that I wanted to be a part of that.

Skyler Torres, CMA, Float 

I love UMCP because the Culture and interview process are very comfortable. This makes the transition process a lot easier!

Dr. Joshua Layer, Internal Medicine

I chose UMCP initially because I wanted to get my foot in the healthcare door. I am very blessed to be able to work here because it is apparent that they value their employees and their opinions.

Chloe Echevarria, Patient Rep, Float

I chose UMCP because I believe in the culture and mission of UMCP. It is important to work for a company you believe in.

Ralea Seagraves, CMA, Float

I chose UMCP because I was out of a job due to COVID, and I had heard wonderful things about the company!

Stephanie Pierson, Payment Specialist, Revenue Cycle Management

I have been going to the clinics as a patient ever since I was young, and I love it. Therefore, I wanted to join the team.

Bailey Adams, Patient Rep, Milwaukee

I chose UMCP because of their excitement and passion towards pediatrics. There are many kids who need a pediatrician and I hope to bless them. The physicians and nurses I have met through UMCP have been incredible. It truly feels like a family.

Dr. Arrington Madison, KingsPark Urgent Care

Every employee is very helpful and patient. The culture here is unexplainable. I started as a RN at the hospital and knew when I became a FNP there was nowhere else I would rather work. I want to be somewhere I am making a difference, and I can do that confidently at UMCP.

Sarah Cuneo, FNP, KingsPark Urgent Care

I felt it would allow me to continue to provide care in a culture whose foundation aligned with who I am as a person inside and outside of work. I worked for UMC for nearly seven years in the ER and I knew I wouldn’t get the same family experience anywhere else. I am thankful to be able to continue my career with such an amazing organization!

Benita Hernandez, FNP, Freedom Clinic

I chose UMC because the respect and compassion this company offers to patients as well as staff is amazing. I felt very welcome from the moment I came into my interview, and the staff is wonderful.

Jeanette Cedillo, Patient Rep, Float

I was once a patient and my care was top notch, therefore I wanted to be a part of that.

Shannell Alvarez, CMA, KingsPark Urgent Care

I chose UMCP because they are simply the best!

Amanda Tarango, Referral Clerk, Referral Center

Anytime I have ever needed care I would always go to UMCP because the people are great and knowledgeable. I also love what UMCP represents and stands for. When I graduated, I prayed for a career at UMCP, and the overwhelming joy I feel working here cannot be explained. I have a career where I am excited to get up daily and go be part of something wonderful. Thank you UMCP.

Elaine Cantu, CMA, I-27

I worked for UMC and I know it was the best place to work in Lubbock and probably anywhere for that matter!

Molly Bates, FNP, Float

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