Why did you choose UMC Physicians?

Feb 20th, 2020 | Latest News

When I was six, I was in the hospital (UMC) and I loved my nurses and just the feel. I was there during Christmas, so they made me feel like I was not too far from home. I chose to become a CMA and will hopefully move up to be that nurse who makes you feel good, loved and taken care of when you don’t feel good.

Selena Sandoval, CMA, UMC Slaton Clinic

I have worked for UMC for over a year now and other hospitals do not compare. UMC’s compassion for good healthcare and good customer service is amazing. I am proud to work for UMCP.

Abby Lacy, Patient Representative, UMC KingsPark Urgent Care

I chose UMCP because of the career opportunity, competitive pay, and positive work environment. UMCP has a great reputation in the community of caring for others and I wanted to join the team to help make a difference.

Katy Ashworth, Coordinator, Human Resources

I chose UMC for many reasons. I have always heard great things about the work environment, and an encouraging work environment is important. I also want to work in medicine for my career, and getting experience is important.

Abigail Newton, Patient Representative, UMC West Wind Family Medicine

I decided to apply at UMCP because I am getting my master’s in healthcare administration. I wanted to start my experience somewhere that I could learn a lot and grow to eventually be an administrator.

Jordan Hickman, Patient Representative, UMC KingsPark Urgent Care

I was looking for a company that was a good fit for me. I’m an older employee that has been in the corporate world for a long time. I have a passion for people and enjoy making people feel special. UMCP has found a spot for me to utilize my gifts.

Mary Pollard, Patient Representative, Craig Barker, MD

UMCP has great benefits. I could feel the sense of community in my interview.

Jade Goen, PA, UMC KingsPark Urgent Care Center

Culture. As a former UMC and UMCP employee I felt like this is home and the best place to be! I love that we all share the same goals!

Jennifer Galey, FNP, UMC KingsPark Urgent Care Center

The vision behind the company as well as the good reviews from patients and employees.

Mayra Alaniz, LVN, UMC KingsPark Urgent Care Center

I wanted to work for a known company. I worked for Covenant for 15 years. I wanted a clinical positon. I was VERY blessed to have heard UMCP had a positon open. I took a MAJOR chance and left what I had established for 15 years at a GREAT clinic. The staff at KingsPark are super nice. My plan is to take care of the clinic as they have done for me!

Mary Sanchez, Rad Tech, Ancillary Radiology

I chose to work with UMC because when my daughter was born she was in the NICU for one month and the providers took very good care of her. When she got older, I took her to UMC urgent care and her PCP. I’ve always loved the atmosphere and knew that it would be a great place to work.

Danielle Sanchez, CMA, Float

I applied because I heard it was a great work environment, as well as they would really work with my school schedule.

Manaia Vaeena, Patient Representative, UMC LakeRidge Medical Center

I’ve been seeing Donna in Idalou for the past year and she is always wonderful and so is her staff. When I was looking for something new, I wanted to have a job of purpose and I’m finding that with UMCP. Thank you for this great job.

Monica Ortiz, Credentialing Clerk, Managed Care

I wanted to be a part of something GRAND! A place where I could grow and excel not just in my job but in my life as well.

Vanessa Martinez, Referral Clerk, Referral Center

I have always wanted to help people and recently I decided to pursue a career in medicine. This seemed like the best opportunity to prepare and help me for medical school and eventually my career in medicine. My experience here so far has been great!

Nathaniel Kimball, Patient Representative, UMC Orchard Park Family Medicine

I chose UMCP because growing up, I would go to the ER or clinics and the staff was always so welcoming and friendly! They always treated me with so much respect and I just wanted to be a part of a company that has inspired me since I was young!

Kimberly Reyes, CMA, UMC KingsPark Urgent Care Center

I worked for UMC for 15 years and recently transitioned over to UMCP for a career change. I heard several (tons) of wonderful things about UMCP and wanted an opportunity to not only work for UMCP but to also contribute to the growth and compassion of our mission/vision. Super excited to be here at UMCP!

Eva Torrez, Practice Administrator, UMC West Wind Family Medicine

As a previous employee, I already knew how great this place is. It’s a place where you are always learning and growing. Every employee is kind and always showing compassion towards patients, and that’s what I love. I am so happy to be back.

Molly Deleon, Workers Comp Coordinator, UMC I-27 Medical Center
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