Why I chose UMC Physicians

Apr 3rd, 2020 | Latest News


April 2020

Word of mouth…the best place to work!
Genevieve Capetillo, Referral Clerk, Referral Center

I worked here before and loved it. Sherri and Reyes interviewed me and made me feel welcome.
Jennifer Self, Practice Manger, UMC Milwaukee Family Medicine

I worked with the company in the past and had a positive experience. Everyone is very nice and helpful. I look forward to my future here at this company.
Jennifer Sepeda, FNP, Float Department

I am a previous employee. I love everyone I work with at LakeRidge.
Kayla Beier, FNP, UMC LakeRidge Medical Center

I was happy to find a position in my field, and love that anytime I go to a UMC clinic everyone is nice. My son was born at UMC and I just love the care and attention they provide.
Nicole Roberts, Primary Care Rep, CBO

From my first meeting, I could tell UMCP was a place I could be a part of something bigger than myself. I feel valued at UMCP and I know this is a place where I can learn and grow.
Sidney Mahaney, Patient Rep, Float Department

The opportunity to work with Jamye Cleaveland again. I trust her, her judgement and ethics. Also, my doctor is with UMCP.  I trust her and have followed her all over town. I’ve been with her for 22 years.
Kim Gallagher, Eligibility Specialist, Eligibility

I chose UMC Physicians because of the great things I heard about them from the community!
Ashley Newell, Medical Scribe, Float Department

I wanted to be a part of people’s lives through tough times and to serve people. I love “Service is our Passion” and was excited to work for a place with such a vision.
Vic Contreras, Patient Rep, UMC Internal Medicine

A few months back, my dad was hit by a car and flown to UMC as a Trauma One patient. UMC took such good care of him and my mother while they were here. They made me love this company. I wanted to be a part of it any way I could. To this day, his providers check on him to see how he and my mother are doing even though they are no longer caring for him. The people who work here are just really good people.
Alanie Sanchez, Referral Clerk, Referral Center

The friendly people.
Rebekah Rodriguez, Patient Rep, Float

I have been a patient and have always liked the way I was treated and wanted to be a part of that.
Jennifer Hays, Patient Rep, Float Department

I chose UMCP because I have been treated at UMC and had a wonderful experience. I moved to Lubbock 8 months ago and found the opportunity to work for UMCP and provide great patient service just like I received. UMCP seems like a great company to work for and I am so exstrongd for what’s to come.
Janelle Carrillo, Referral Clerk, Referral Center

I believe there will be a lot of opportunity to grow. This is my first job.
Mikayla Rascon, CMA, Float Department

Compassion, passion, opportunity, and teamwork.
Connie Lopez, Patient Rep, UMC Orchard Park Family Medicine

I wanted to be a part of a medical group that served Lubbock and was a part of the community. During my experience so far, all members are happy to serve and offer wonderful care. I am proud and thankful to be welcomed. I look forward to serving with such wonderful people.
Angela Roman, CMA, Float Department

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