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Jan 19th, 2021 | Latest News

A Story of Team Work

Watching UMC & UMCP people pull together to make this COVID DRive-Up Clinic work has been fantastic. Opened in just six days, it has been such as great benefit to us all. From Craig Barker, MD.
Thanks to your email about the vaccine, my 87 your old husband and I have appointments at 5:30 today at UMC. We have been in self quarantine since March and were in despair of not finding vaccines. We are so appreciative to Seniors are Special for mating it possible. From Anita & Ken Woodard.

These comments tell a story about you, beginning in March of last year, and continuing today. Teamwork is not just an aspiration at UMC. It is the theme of our story. Teamwork has been lived out in every location where you serve with passion. As nursing units moved, and employees redeployed, as you nimbly and innovatively set up a testing trailer, a daycare, medical tents, an AMBUS and now vaccine clinics – you have defined teamwork in an extraordinary way. Like many, we have grieved with members of our UMC family, and you rallied faithfully and compassionately. Proving yourselves to be firm not fearful.

Clapp_quote_900x600Your engagement matters. As we face the challenges and opportunities before us, I ask for your feedback.  Your voice will be heard and valued. Please complete the upcoming Employee Satisfaction Survey beginning February 8th.  Here is a synopsis of achievements over the last 12 months – due to your feedback, contribution and teamwork:

To Encourage Emotional Health:  2 Park & Prays; 8 Hero Celebrations; 34 Chaplains’ Messages; Free counseling services; Daily Updates; and thousands of meals & PPE items from a grateful community.

As a single mom, I was going to have to send my daughter to another state when my daycare shut down. Thanks to the 30 minutes club & UMC daycare that was done overnight, my daughter was able to stay here with me. I cannot thank you enough, I am forever grateful to the UMC staff. From Kimberly Pollard.

To Bolster Physical Health & Safety:  A new parking garage with improved safety measures underway – based on your feedback; In fact, in 2021, UMC will establish its own Police Force; Restrictive visitation; Free alternative housing for UMC employees, at Hope Lodge; COVID-19 Hotline, Convalescent Plasma and Monoclonal Antibody Infusions; COVID testing for all First Responders; New Replenishment Lounges in OR and BaTC; and now Vaccine Clinics onsite for Seniors, TTU providers, UMC Health System staff and families.

Rodriguez_quote_900x600To Sustain Financial HealthZero furloughs; Rescue Pay Program; Retention Bonus; Free daycare at Miller Elementary and new daycare discounts; 100% PTO Buyback; Covered COVID medical expenses & EI for quarantined; and gratitude for your support as we delayed and restored your merit increases.

As we look back on 2020, I am grateful for your achievements and am proud of your tremendous teamwork.  I genuinely look forward to the future – one we are building together.

Mark Funderburk

Mark Funderburk

Mark Funderburk, MBA, RHIA, FACHE
UMC President & Chief Executive Officer

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things – Theodore Levitt.

There was no shortage of innovation and nimbleness on display throughout our organization by countless individuals and departments.  UMC employees did not disappoint as they developed new ways to serve the community, patients and each other.  A few highlights from 2020 include:

  • nurse_bubble_photo_900x600Pharmacy, IT, Registration, Nursing Education and Volunteers from multiple departments created a COVID vaccine clinic in the McInturff Conference Center and BaTC to ensure timely vaccinations of medical staff, employees and the community.
  • Emergency Medical Services, Ambulatory Care Center, Pharmacy, Nursing and Medical Staff partnered to utilize the AMBUS resource as a COVID test site and later as a treatment site for monoclonal antibody administration.  This same group successfully transitioned from the AMBUS to the Auxiliary Medical Unit (tent) for Monoclonal Antibody therapy.
  • Employee Health, Internal Audit, Payroll and Health Plan Operations developed a new process for case management of employees ill or quarantined due to COVID ensuring employees received COVID EI pay and free medical care.
  • Patient Experience and over 75 UMC employees partnered with LISD to organize and provide FREE childcare for UMC employees at Miller elementary.
  • Facilities Services identified opportunities to purify the air by positioning scrubbers in every COVID patient room to protect staff.
  • Laboratory Services designed and implemented supply conservation practices for blood and COVID collection/testing supplies and reagents. They also increased coagulation and chemistry testing volumes.
  • Sterile Processing Department and Employee Health followed CDC guidelines to sanitize and recycle N-95 masks extending the life of precious PPE.
  • Environmental Services implemented a new cleaning process using Clorox 360.
  • park_pray_photo_900x600Respiratory Therapy found new ways to deliver care to our patients by sourcing ventilator monitor extension cords. RT also converted V60 bipaps for use as ventilators.
  • Food and Nutrition served employees by creating a Pop-Up store with household staples (toilet paper, rice and flour).  They also organized an onsite employee wedding in less than 6 hours so a patient could attend and walk his daughter down the aisle.
  • Information Technology and Nursing developed new ways for providers, staff and families to communicate with patients using iPads. Also built orders/order sets/results for various COVID tests.
  • Purchasing and Central Stores identified new vendors for supply and PPE procurement and identified substitutes to protect our staff.
  • UMCP and a team of physicians, nurses, IT, Facilities and others constructed Lubbock’s first COVID drive-up clinic in less than 6 days providing care to over 16,000 patients.
  • Decision Support, Accounting, Internal Audit and Patient Financial Services pursued every state and federal dollar of reimbursement and filed claims for unfunded patients.
  • Marketing produced videos, banners and signage to document UMC’s response to COVID.
  • Regional Health Partnership, EMS, Social Services, UMC ACO & CIN and UMCP initiated multiple efforts to provide preventative care and intervention to over 26,000 Lubbock residents.
  • Patient Experience created the EZ Care hotline to improve access to care. Over 500 patients utilized the EZ Care hotline.
  • Managed Care negotiated a new UMC exclusive insurance product with United Healthcare to attract new commercial business to our hospital.
  • UMC Foundation created the COVID Relief Fund and raised over $300,000.

Every department found new ways to continue doing business. While some learned how to work from home, others developed inventive ways to perform their job. Thank you UMC for the incredible display of teamwork and innovation. It was your contributions that led to national recognition for UMC!

You voice matters. UMC Employee satisfaction survey FEB 8th to 22nd. MCINTURFF. Monday, Feb 8th 3pm to 5pm and 7pm to 12am. Tuesday, Feb 9th 7am to 12pm and 6pm to 10pm. Wednesday, Feb 10th 7pm to 12am. Friday, Feb 12th 3pm to 8pm. Tuesday, Feb 16th 7pm to 12am. Wednesday, Feb 17th 3pm to 9pm. Friday, Feb 19th 7am to 12pm. Everyone who completes the survey on the first day will be entered in a drawing to win a cash prize of $1,500.

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