40-Year Employee Spotlight

Mar 25th, 2022 | Latest News, News

Rosalyn Frater has been with UMC for 40 years, and we are so thankful for her service! Read below to hear more about Rosalyn and why she loves UMC and continues to work for us.

1. Why did you choose UMC 40 years ago?

I majored in nutrition at South Plains and found UMC after graduation. I loved the health system immediately and never turned back!

2. In what capacities have you worked during your time here?

I have worked in the UMC Food and Nutrition department for 17 years. I then took more courses, and in 1999 moved to Radiology.

3. What do you love most about UMC?

I love the people at UMC. The administration is great, and I love working with my coworkers and bosses every day! I have made several friends and get along with everyone.

4. What is UMC’s best quality?

I love how UMC takes care of their employees. They want you to be happy and will do whatever it takes to make sure you find the right spot to work in and that you feel taken care of!

“Rosalyn is a larger-than-life character. She gets the job done while holding her sense of humor! She has taken on many roles in the Radiology File room and has worked with many radiologists. Everyone loves her and her hard work and loyalty!”

– Philip Houghton, Director of Radiology

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