Babies on Board

Mar 25th, 2022 | Latest News, News

While they may be our smallest patients, NICU babies need big time care. UMC’s new state-of-the-art NICU ambulance is just one way that UMC is showing our community that we strive to give all our patients, big or small, the care they deserve.

Babies on Board Article Photo

The ambulance is wrapped with child friendly graphics making sure little ones feel comforted throughout their entire journey with UMC. Onboard medical capabilities include ventilator management, cardiac monitoring and more.

“Since 1989, UMC Children’s Hospital has had an active transport team, traveling to regional hospitals to help care for the region’s most critically ill newborns,” said Brian Payne, MD, Chief Medical Officer of UMC Children’s Hospital. “This beautiful new ambulance, brought to UMC as a CMN project, allows our transport team to support children in need with the most advanced technology even when air transport methods aren’t available. For me, this ambulance is a promise to the region’s newborns and our regional partners that UMC will do everything possible to help care for their sickest babies, in their time of greatest need.”

We are so thankful for this addition and continue to strive to give all our patients the care they deserve!

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