Award Type: Track Star

Sheridan Reagan – February 2020 – Track Stars

Going above and beyond is an understatement when working with Sheridan. The compassion and love she showed for her job and for each patient that walked through Milwaukee’s doors is AMAZING. Sheridan went out of her way for each patient that we saw on Friday night. She made sure that each patient was taken care of and that they were not unconformable from the time they walked in, the time they were in their room, all the way up until check out. She is truly an awesome person and UMCP most definitely needs MORE Sheridans around! I was in awe the whole time I filled in for this clinic. The amount of kindness that filled that clinic was AWESOME. – Employee

Maricela Chavez – February 2020 – Track Star

We had an employee call in at 5 to see if someone would be there if she came by with some benefit questions. We said yes. Maricela stayed until 5:35 and was just leaving when the employee showed up. She stayed and answered all the employee’s questions. When we walked out at 5:50 I realized Maricela’s husband had been sitting in the car in the parking lot since 5 because they drive from Plainview. It was above and beyond to stay (and make her husband wait) while she served a UMCP employee! – Co-worker

Cynthia Lopez – January 2020 – Track Star

I just want to start by saying Cynthia is a GREAT person and GREAT teacher in our department. I’m new to the team and company. It’s been all new to me and Cynthia has taken her time to show me exactly how things are to be done. And even though I make mistakes due to being new, she always makes it fun. She explains things so I can understand it a little better. Cynthia is very knowledgeable and quick in this department while taking on everything else that goes with our job.  She has gone the extra mile to make me feel part of the team in such a short time. And I just want to give thanks to her by recognizing all that she does for me and our team.  – Co-worker

Brantley Fowler – January 2020 – Track Star

Brantley is an awesome patient representative. She regularly picks up open shifts when we are in need. She always asks how else she can help and she ALWAYS does it with a great attitude and a smile on her face. We had an employee go out with the flu and she picked up her shift without hesitation. I am so thankful to have Brantley a part of the KingsPark team.  – Co-worker

Brittney Thomas – December 2019 – Track Stars

Brittney is an absolute joy to work with! Brittney came to us in late August as our new Front-End Coordinator and in this short time she has already made a huge impact! She is always positive and ready to step up to any occasion. She has taken on her new role and has already effectively trained several front staff in her short time here. She has implemented change and has infected everyone with her positivity! There is no doubt that she loves UMCP and bleeds blue!

*Nominated by: Employee

Sheila Lee – December 2019 – Track Stars

Sheila, thank you for the care you took with my husband last Tuesday. You have a very caring and patient way. He is in a difficult time of his life due to dementia. Your caring nature is appreciated by both of us. 

*Nominated by: Family member of patient 

Terry Estrada – December 2019 – Track Stars

Terry is someone who upholds the values of this organization every day!  She has the difficult job of scheduling meetings for multiple people daily and this is no small task.  She is always upbeat and positive.  I have never seen or heard her have a negative attitude about this company, the job duties she has to do over and over each day, or anyone she works with!  She is an example of SIOP at its finest!  I look forward to the calls from Terry because of the smile you can actually hear through the phone!  I appreciate working for this company and a great part of why I am so happy here is because of people like Terry!  She is one of the most deserving people I know of the title of “Track Star!”

*Nominated by: Employee

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