Congrats to another 40-year employee

Mar 12th, 2020 | Latest News

Rosemary Christiansen has dedicated 40 years of her life to UMC. We are so grateful for her service in our health system! Read below to learn what she loves about UMC and why she continues to work here.

Congrats to another 40-year employee

Why did you choose UMC 40 years ago?

I was interested in all the unique medical cases, and UMC is a teaching hospital which I truly believe in. 

In what capacities have you worked during your time here?

I came to work here just a month after we opened our doors in Health Information Management, and I’ve been there ever since. 

What is your favorite UMC memory?

I love my department for being fun and supportive. It really is a great place to work! We’ve all taken care of each other and had fun together. Also, I enjoy reading and studying new medical cases on the job. 

What is UMC’s Best Quality?

The culture and the way that we treat the patients. We try to treat the person as if it was our family member. And the administration is really supportive.

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