Pampering our Patients

Mar 12th, 2020 | Latest News

Our Radiation Oncology waiting area was recently renovated to make cancer patients more comfortable during their radiation treatment visits. The space has now become less clinical and more of a soothing, spa-like experience.

The improvements to the space included:

  • Replacing the lighting with controlled dimmers and softly-lit lamps
  • Adding a coffee table and taking away chairs to create an open and functional space
  • Uploading calming videos on a new TV monitor to set a quiet and reflective mood
  • Changing out the speakers to play white noise to improve patient privacy
  • Creating a coffee and water station for patient convenience 

This project started in the third quarter of last year and has completely changed our cancer patients’ experience.

“Because radiation patients have to come in for treatment that often lasts weeks, this improvement to the waiting area gives them a way to mentally prepare in a quiet and meditative space,” said Sharon Shoulders, Administrative Director of the UMC Cancer Center. “So far, patient feedback has been extremely positive and the renovation is a huge success!”

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