EMS Quality Results

UMC EMS is proud to serve the City of Lubbock and the surrounding areas since 1975. Throughout our 42 year history, our team has been committed to the health and safety of our community which is why we are also committed to the continuous quality improvement of our systems and processes.

We share our performance measures with the public to hold ourselves accountable to the community based standards established within the areas we serve and to demonstrate the value our professional emergency staff provide the public. Measuring and sharing our data also allows us to identify trends, close gaps, and continually improve the performance of UMC EMS. Please use the links below to review our performance against the established standards in the many different areas we serve.

UMC EMS Response Times

UMC EMS, with community stakeholders, established specific response time goals when responding to 911 EMS calls. The data provided in this section communicates the response time goal by response severity, the number of calls UMC EMS responded to each month and quarter by response severity and how often UMC EMS meet the response time goal.

Clinical Scorecard

The Clinical Scorecard measures UMC EMS’ performance across a wide variety of critical skills member of UMC EMS must be able to perform when caring for our community. The EMS industry has developed goals for some skills. For other skills, industry accepted goals have not been established. The Clinical Scorecard communicates UMC EMS performance across a wide range of skills. Where an industry standard has been established, it has been provided for comparison. UMC EMS uses this data to continually improve the skill and performance of the team.

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