Medical Staff Awards

Dec 15th, 2020 | Latest News

Service is our Passion, and we want to thank all of our staff for an amazing year. UMC is proud to present our 2020 Medical Staff Awards.

Advanced Practice Professional of the Year

Heather Douglas, PA

Heather Douglas, PA`

“Heather is the kind of provider that makes you feel like a close friend. In addition to helping patients heal, she is a great listener with wonderful bedside manners and always puts the patients’ needs first. Heather is the very best and demonstrates excellent teamwork. UMC is blessed to have Heather caring for our patients!”

Attending Physician of the

Victor Test, M.D.

Victor Test, M.D.

“Dr. Test has done an exceptional job leading the ICU teams that care for the sickest COVID patients, while keeping our teams safe. He has shown creativity and diligence in leading this effort. Dr. Test is an exceptional physician. We are so blessed to have him!”


Jessica Gray, M.D.

Jessica Gray, M.D.

“Dr. Jessica Gray demonstrates all the defining characteristics for the growth pillar. She was instrumental in organizing the clinic’s response to the Lubbock Safe Campaign in the early days of the COVID pandemic, which made patients feel safe to return to be seen in a clinical setting. She has focused on patient centered care from the beginning of her practice, and tapped into the consumerism of today’s practice demanded by her patients. We are thankful for her efforts. She is a star physician!”


Brian Payne, M.D.

Brian Payne, MD

“Dr. Brian Payne demonstrates the quality and safety pillar because he sets and achieves high standards. He displays wonderful leadership in the ER, and his colleagues are thankful for his many efforts in keeping them safe through this pandemic. He helped secure vital PPE supplies and coordinated information from multiple sources to use the most up to date guidelines to guide care.”


Jamie Felberg, M.D.

Jamie Felberg, M.D.

“Dr. Jamie Felberg demonstrates all of the characteristics of being a good steward. He serves as assistant director of the hospitalist team and helps lead the frontlines in caring for COVID patients. He also uses his knowledge and problem-solving skills to help control expenses. Dr. Felberg participates actively and effectively in the Utilization Review committee and has led efforts to establish the Hospitalist Clinic to allow safer and timelier discharges from the acute setting.”


Robyn Richmond, M.D.

Robyn Richmond, M.D.

“A true team member is always ready to help, and Dr. Robyn Richmond is a perfect example. She is always the first to help our department with projects, classes, meetings, or anything we need. She never complains and is so easy to work with. Dr. Richmond has been the lead on improving policies and guidelines for trauma and burn patients. She is a patient advocate, but also always treats staff with kindness. She is a joy to work with and we are so blessed to have her as part of the team.

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