A Commitment to Our Community

Dec 15th, 2020 | Latest News

The new EMS Headquarters and EMS Station 1 officially opened this month!

The 105,000 square foot site is located at 1705 E. 9th St. This facility includes an EMS Station, Administrative offices and Communications Center. Notable features of this facility include: 

  • a hardened roof and exterior walls to resist gale-force winds and tornados
  • a dedicated generator for back-up power
  • expanded work areas
  • industry-leading lighting
  • a new 9-1-1 Communications Tower and more

The construction of this state-of-the art facility further speaks to UMC’s commitment to the region and to local customers that rely on our great team. The ability to expand in place demonstrates UMC’s commitment to our community and to East Lubbock’s vitality.

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