Month of Miracles – It Takes You

Jul 13th, 2021 | Latest News, News

Month Of Miracles

Month of Miracles is an exciting fundraising event for UMC Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) to be held during the month of August. Local businesses will fundraise the entire month and all donations will directly benefit UMC Children’s Hospital and CMN.

In the last year, over 14,000 pediatric patients sought care in the Emergency Center with over 6,500 of those being admitted and 94 being treated in the Timothy J. Harnar Regional Burn Center. There were also 656 Neonatal patients admitted to the intensive care unit with a 99% survival rate.

In 2020 alone, CMN raised over $1 million for the UMC Children’s Hospital! The ongoing need for support of pediatric education and therapeutic programs, as well as the ever-changing specialized pediatric medical equipment needs have become increasingly vital. Seeing children go home healthy is the reward for the many dollars and volunteer hours given to CMN.

UMC employees can give during Month of Miracles, as well as at any time, too! For more information on how you can help us make miracles come true, visit We know what it takes to make a miracle … it takes YOU!

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