Veteran Advisory Council

Jul 13th, 2021 | Latest News, News

On June 1, UMC hosted the very first Veteran Advisory Council. Lead by Tim Howell, UMC Senior Vice President of Patient Care Services, the Veteran Advisory Council, much like the Patient Advisory Council, investigates how we as a healthcare system can improve care of our veterans with help from the Veteran Affairs Clinic. After attending a similar council in 2018, Howell decided to bring the idea to life at UMC, so that veterans had a place to ask questions about their healthcare while also bringing forward issues they face when it comes to healthcare.

A spokesperson for the Veteran’s Affairs Office spoke at the meeting to educate on how caring for a veteran is different from a usual patient.

Howell says, he hopes that through this council Texas Tech Physicians and UMC will become more educated on the process of caring for a veteran. It will play a huge role in helping us grow in our care and continue showing Our Passion is You.

If you or someone you know would like to be involved, contact Tim Howell at 806.775.8878. Our next meeting is August 4, 2021.

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