Letters of Legacy

Dear University Medical Center and Life Gift staff,

I find it truly amazing to enter a hospital with such loving and caring staff members. From the welcoming staff who take your temperature to the nurses taking care of a family member, each person receives and treats you with love as if you are a brother or sister. As my sister, my wife and I visited my dying son multiple days, we were treated like royalty. As each question was answered, a minute or two later we would be asked, “Do you have any questions I can answer?” or “Can I get you something, like water, oh, with ice?” There were no unanswered questions and if the answer was not known at the time, it was just a short wait to get an always satisfying response.

Several team members stood out that we would like to acknowledge. Andrea Mires made it possible for us to observe in the OR and was also warm with responses while in the waiting room. Nurse Colton Limmer took care of my son Chase who he bathed, cleaned, rotated, administered meds, and made efforts to comfort. Again, he was always making sure we understood and was there to help in any way. His genuine and gentle smile reflected his caring attitude towards us, his team members, as well as Chase.

The LiftGift family care specialist, Kala Schoenhals, went above and beyond the call of duty by spending a significant time with us, providing details, listening to our stories, our questions, and just consoling with a watchful pleasant eye. All questions and requests were immediately taken care of and if it really wasn’t part of her duty, she took it upon herself to take care of us in every way. Even on her days off, she was willing to help gather information and respond back in a very timely manner. Kala sparkled every minute, and we found it difficult to look around and not see her behind us or ready to pounce on any concerns of ours.

Again, thank you to all UMC staff as we were pleased to see a line of staff members along our Family Walk to the OR and even more happily surprised at hearing the chosen songs played in their entirety while observing our family member during the 40 minutes while in the OR room.

Judy Gerber, Cindy Rountree and Sam Rountree

Letters of Legacy are letters received by UMC administrators highlighting the tremendous work done by UMC staff. If you have received such a letter and would like to submit it for nomination, please forward to Chris Duncan.

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