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Our nurses know that caring for patients at UMC means more than just meeting basic needs. Care is extended as far as involving patient family members to ensure that they are satisfied in the outcome. UMC nurses know that the little things add up to the big ones, and that how they make people feel while caring for them is most important.

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Nurses, find your opportunity

UMC Health System knows the organization’s heartbeat exists with its nursing staff. That’s why we’re proud of the reputation UMC has developed among nurses in the region.

Use this section as a helpful guide to learn more about what UMC does for nurses and ways to impact your career as a nurse with UMC. With specialized mentoring programs and more, it’s easy to see how UMC is the best place for the best nurses in West Texas to work.

UMC’s Nursing Professional Practice Model

A Professional Practice Model (PPM) is a visual or schematic conceptual model of how nurses practice, collaborate, communicate and develop professionally to provide the highest-quality care for patients, families, and communities. Download “UMC’s Nursing Professional Practice Model

Download a Letter of Welcome from Chief Nursing Officer Tammy Williams.

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