Kidney Transplant FAQ

Get answers to common questions about kidney transplant in our FAQs below. Learn more about surgery, success rate, your procedure, travel, recovery, financing and more.

  • Will I have to go to Dallas for my Workup testing?

    No, pre-transplant workup testing will be done at UMC in Lubbock, Texas. Individual insurance may differ–some may require that you go to Dallas for all of your testing.

  • How long will I need to stay in Dallas after my transplant?

    Four weeks for a kidney transplant, more is possible depending on the organ you receive.

  • Who will follow-up with me when I return home?

    You will have follow-up appointments at the UMC Transplant Services Office. You will also follow-up with your local Nephrologist.

  • Is there any assistance for travel and/or housing in Dallas?

    UMC has access to a limited number of travel vouchers for Southwest Airlines commercial flights, available on a first-come, first-serve basis. We also work with AeroCare and have information on affordable memberships. Fundraising information is also available to assist you with your out of pocket expenses.

  • What if I have or am a living donor?

    UMC will help coordinate donor testing in Lubbock, or in your local area if applicable. You will likely go to Dallas a few days before the surgery to meet your physicians there and complete any other testing as needed. There is also a National Living Donor Assistance program that can help donors with travel, food and housing in Dallas for those that qualify.

  • What if my living donor is not a match for me?

    UT Southwestern is involved in a local and national living donor swap/paired donation programs. This program allows your living donor who might not match you to donate to someone else, and simultaneously, you would receive a kidney from another living donor that does match you.

  • Can I be evaluated and listed at more than one transplant program?

    Yes, you can be multi-listed with different transplant centers. You will likely need to go to each of those centers for the initial evaluation, but then testing information can also be shared.

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