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Jun 9th, 2020 | Latest News

We will be simplifying your work day in the near future with a new software solution called Workday. This will be a Human Resources, payroll, financial and supply chain system and will affect ALL employees in our health system, including UMCP employees: it will be our one-stop for all things, such as looking at paychecks and hours, changing benefits, etc.

This decision for change has been strategic and well thought out.  A selection committee, made up of UMC and UMCP HR, finance, supply chain and IT, partnered with a consulting group to get options and narrowed it down to Workday as the best option for us.

“We want to take the time to Manage Up all teams involved in helping us make this decision,” said Shane Terrel, Vice President of IT Operations. “Each person on the selection committee is working two jobs right now: their normal day job that keeps the organization running, in addition to assisting in building this solution.”

We hope to kick off with Phase I on January 4, 2021. This phase will be the human resources-focused phase with management of payroll, benefits, recruiting and onboarding, etc. We are confident in the fact that this software will be much more user-friendly and efficient than Lawson and others we currently use. Workday also has a mobile app, so it can be accessed offsite.

All employees will have a chance to receive either in-person or online training over Workday. You will also have access to a Change Champion Network, made up of managers, supervisors, leads and front-line staff, to help coach you through these updates and changes.

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