Welcome Dr. Fike, Pediatric Surgeon

Jun 9th, 2020 | Latest News

Welcome Dr. Fike, Pediatric Surgeon

We are delighted to welcome Frankie Fike M.D., a board-certified Pediatric Surgeon, to the UMC Children’s Hospital as a part of our leading pediatric care team! She cares for all pediatric patients—from neonates in our Neonatal ICU to teenagers.

Why did you decide to become a pediatric surgeon?

In my intern year in surgery residency, I noticed all of the pediatric staff always seemed joyful, and I wanted a piece of the joy. Caring for kids is a special calling—it creates a natural desire to function as a team to provide the absolute best care for them and their parents. It also keeps me up-to-date on the “cool stuff,” which gets me bonus points with my niece and nephew!

What sets you apart from other pediatric surgeons?

First, I am a board-certified pediatric surgeon—that is an accomplishment I am very proud of! Also, since I’m relatively young in the field, I got to train at a time where the newer minimally invasive surgical techniques were being emphasized so my surgical approach to children is usually to be as conservative as possible.

What do you enjoy about providing pediatric care?

Children are the most vulnerable population in our society, and they need us to care for them. They hold the promise of a bright future for all of us and each has potential we can’t comprehend. I advocate and provide care to protect and treat this most special population! 

What do you look forward to in providing care for the community?

I look forward to bringing comfort and care to as many families in Lubbock as I can. I am single and have no children, so I always feel like my patients are all my kids. I also really enjoy spending time sitting and talking with parents and getting to know their concerns and worries and giving them information that can minimize anxiety.

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