Thank you for 40 Years of Service, Jackie Buck

Mar 15th, 2021 | Latest News

Jackie Buck has dedicated 40 years of his life to UMC. We are so grateful for his service in our health system! Read below to learn what he loves about UMC and why he continues to work here. 

Why did you choose UMC 40 years ago? 

I was raised by people in the medical field, and my grandmother was a nurse, so I knew I wanted to work in healthcare. I started in the medical field as a volunteer in Shallowater; I then decided I wanted to be a paramedic, and UMC was a great place to fulfill that dream.  

In what capacities have you worked during your time here? 

While at UMC, I have been a paramedic, a dispatcher, and a crew chief. Currently I am a community paramedic and have been for the last five years.  

What is your favorite thing about UMC? 

We are a family. When someone is down, we lift them up. When someone needs help, we help them. It is a special relationship to have with your coworkers.  

What is UMC’s Best Quality? 

UMC’s best quality is how the employees are cared for. We are a family. I love UMC and would not want to work anywhere else! 

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