Thank You, UMC Heroes, for A Year of Battle

Apr 7th, 2021 | Latest News

Thank You, UMC Heroes, for A Year of Battle
We have officially dedicated a year of hard work to battle this pandemic, which called for an appreciation day!  

On March 25th, all departments received breakfast and other goodies from UMC administration as a way of expressing our gratitude. Market Street and J&B supplied coffee, while Krispy Kreme donated 20 dozen boxes of donuts. There were snacks, and cookies as well, while members from the Lubbock Symphony came out and provided peaceful music in the lobby.  

“Through the past 12 months our patients have received wonderful care, and we have witnessed tremendous teamwork as never before,” said Mark Funderburk, UMC President/CEO.  

On behalf of a grateful community, Thank you Team UMC.  Whether at the bedside or supporting those who are, you have led our community, and served with passion.

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