Our Peer Support Team Always Has Your Back

Mar 15th, 2021 | Latest News

UMC’s greatest asset is YOU, the employees who work here. Being a UMC Hero is not easy, and often times you battle in stressful situations which can interfere with the ability to function. The Peer Support Team at UMC is here to provide resources for these high stress situations. 

Who are the Peer support Team? 

The UMC Peer Support team is a multidisciplinary group of interprofessionals who are trained and certified in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM). We are available to healthcare workers (medical staff, clinical staff and non-clinical staff) to provide evidence based, emotional support and resources after a traumatic or challenging event and to reduce compassion fatigue and/or vicarious trauma otherwise known as burnout. 

UMC Peer Support team offers: 

  • Compassionate, considerate support
  • Education on trauma
  • Self-reflection
  • Basic emotional support
  • Referral resources
  • Basic coping skills in a confidential and empathic manner
  • Acute crisis intervention

How to make a referral: 

  • AMION (Immediate Support)
  • Call Pastoral Care, 806.775.8672
  • UMC Intranet (search Peer Support Team)
  • RL Solutions (VP’s and Directors)

Or use the QR code below 


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