The UMC Parking Garage is Now Open

Jul 13th, 2020 | Latest News

The new UMC parking garage is now open to all UMC employees on a first-come, first served basis! Simply use your badge to open the gate and park on the 2nd-5th floors.

The parking garage aims to increase both employee and patient satisfaction. First, it provides employees a secure, dedicated parking solution, something repeatedly requested on the Employee Satisfaction Survey. Secondly, it opens existing parking lots to patients in front of the East Tower, UMC main entrance, and UMC Cancer Center. Together, we will help improve employee engagement and enhance the patient experience for our organization.

“Thank you for your patience over the last year as UMC’s parking garage was constructed,” said Phillip Waldmann, Executive Vice President of Operations. “We know many were asked to relocate and adjust parking practices to support our health system in order to accomplish this. For that, we say THANK YOU!”

The first floor of the parking garage is reserved for UMC providers and vehicles with yellow stickers. In addition, several changes are now in effect in our parking lots:

  • B-3: reserved for CRNA and resident physician parking with gated tap badge entrance.
  • C-2: reserved for visitor parking only.
  • B-2: more visitor spaces due to the relocation of CRNAs.
  • E-4: reserved for visitor parking only with four spaces assigned to OB Attending Physicians.
  • Motorcycle Parking moves from E-4 to the southwest corner of B-3 (assess via Louisville Ave.)

Again, thank you for your patience during this process, and enjoy your new parking garage!

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