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Feb 22nd, 2022 | Latest News, News

As we move into the winter season, we know how hectic West Texas roads can get when it snows. This is why UMC implemented the 4×4 program a few years back to help UMC employees get to work safely during icy conditions.

The 4×4 program started after Lubbock was hit by a ton of snow. Employees with smaller cars or who don’t have 4-wheel drive couldn’t make it to work, leaving people in a bind. Therefore, a lot of employees with cars safe enough to drive in the snow volunteered to help others get to work. To stay prepared, we created the 4×4 program, which is a list of employee volunteers who will help when the snow hits.

We are thankful for these volunteers and their touching kindness. As one UMC employee put it, “A special thank you to my UMC family for offering the 4×4 club. Last year, I was very scared to get out on the road in a small car to get to work in the morning. Working at a place that not only offered me a ride to work but also a pick up ready for me when I got off work was the icing on the cake. This treatment shows what an amazing place UMC is.”

So far this year,

71 Rides

were provided for employees from EC, 3 East, FBC, IT, OR, NSS, Radiology, and RT.

New this year when we had inclement weather:

44 Hotel rooms were fully paid for

by UMC and provided for employees from UMC Cancer Center, 5 East, OR, NSS, Radiology, 4 West, EVS, GTU/SCU, OPS, PACU, Pharmacy and Food & Nutrition.

Through rain or shine, UMC wants you to feel safe coming to work every day! We are always accepting more volunteers, and if you have a vehicle safe to drive in poor road conditions contact Hermes Vaca, UMC Safety Officer at 806.775.9288.

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