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Dec 15th, 2020 | Latest News

UMC employees have done it again! You gave over $460,000 to the United Way—107 percent of our 2021 goal.

Your pledge to the United Way helps support their 23 Community Partners, who all provide the Lubbock community with hope. Their priorities are:

  • To ensure all children are school-ready by kindergarten and are grade-level readers by 3rd grade.
  • To eliminate child abuse and sex trafficking in our communities.
  • To provide access to all persons in need of mental health services.

Every dollar you donate helps meet those needs, and it’s never too late to give! A new year means a new campaign. There are SO many ways you can join the United Way in their mission by giving:

  • Be a Fair Share Giver (i.e. 30 minutes of pay, per pay period)
  • Monthly, recurring donation given throughout the calendar year 
  • One-time donation of any amount

There are also REWARDS to employees who give a pledge based on the below categories: 

  • Fair Share Givers only:
    • “New” Fair Share Givers: Two $100 drawings
    • Fair Share Giver renewals: Three $200 drawings and five $100 drawings
  • ALL givers who pledge a minimum of $5 per a period or $120 for one year are eligible for the:
    • $1,000 drawing
    • iPad drawing 

If you would like to give, contact Adrienne Cozart at adrienne.cozart@umchealthsystem.com.

Thank you to each of you who are helping make a difference through your giving!

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