Why did you choose UMC Physicians?

Jun 8th, 2020 | Latest News

I wanted to make a change and see what the UMCP experience would be compared to Covenant. My friends who work here love it and I wanted to be a part of the environment.

Cass Trevino, Patient Rep, UMC KingsPark Urgent Care

I chose UMCP because it is a great way for me to gain healthcare experience. UMCP is also an awesome facility offering many opportunities to grow as an individual. I am in the process of completing my Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration and UMC is known for being one of the best teaching hospitals around! What better way to start off my career by working with the best of the best?! PALS has made me feel so at home and I enjoy going to work every day!

Jaden Freeman, Patient Rep, UMC Pediatric Associates of Lubbock

I have family and friends who work for UMC Health System and a friend that previously worked for UMCP. Each one of them love their jobs and they encouraged me to seek out a job at UMC or UMCP. When I arrived for my interview, I was immediately greeted by everyone and no one failed to smile. I knew right away that this was an environment I wanted to be in every day. I am very happy here! The people I work with every day are definitely a blessing.

Christian Terral, Patient Rep, Float Pool

UMCP had the vision and values I was looking for when getting back into healthcare. During my interview they seemed to really care for their people. The energy from Monica and Brittany fit exactly what I was looking for after having a military background. So far, I believe I made the right decision and I’ll be working with UMCP for a long time! I’m glad I was selected to work at UMCP!

Ashley Ward, Patient Rep, UMC KingsPark Urgent Care

I wanted to be a part of a community that had a lot to offer their patients and staff. Being with UMCP for a month now, it’s been an amazing opportunity and I feel I can see myself here for a long while. 

Amber Longoria, Referral Clerk, Referral Center

I chose UMCP because when I go to UMC clinics or the hospital I feel very welcomed. I love how they get the services done. That’s how I knew I wanted to work there. They work with passion and that’s how I want to serve people with passion.

Yanira Garcia, CMA, Float Pool

UMCP is big in Lubbock and is growing even bigger. They have a solid vision. I wanted to be a part of this team. I’m growing in my career and wanted to be a part of a company with opportunities. 

Storm McCoy, Patient Rep, UMC Milwaukee Family Medicine

I chose UMCP because I heard great things about the company. It’s a big company and you have opportunity to grow.

Alyjae Graves, CMA, Float

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