Why did you choose UMC Physicians?

Oct 8th, 2020 | Latest News

I love working in healthcare, and UMCP is a great place to work. I’m happy to be back as a PRN.

Monica Picon, Patient Representative, Orchard Park

When I first was applying, I chose UMCP because of the benefits offered. Now that I have worked here for more than 3 months, I am glad that I chose this place because it is truly the best place to work in my 30 years’ experience!

Marcelina Rupley, MD, NW Pediatrics

I have experienced awesome care at UMCP, and I wanted to be involved in such a great atmosphere that exemplifies amazing values.

Mindy Prieto, CMA, Float

I was previously employed with UMC Health System, but then I moved. When I moved back, I knew I wanted to go back to the same culture that was so amazing to work for.

Karina Abrego, LVN, Pediatric Associates of Lubbock

I wanted to be an essential employee, and UMCP was a great place to be able to play a vital role in health care.

Brittney Delara, Patient Representative, Milwaukee

I chose UMCP because I enjoy interacting with patients. I love to be able to brighten someone’s day when they are feeling down or in pain.

Ana Nunez Padilla, Patient Rep, Float

I chose UMCP because of my own personal experiences related to my family’s healthcare. I saw the immediate difference in UMCP’s culture and service, and I knew I had to do everything I could to become a part of the team.

Sarah Gonzales, Specialist, Eligibility

UMCP has superior healthcare, as well as outstanding employee retention and satisfaction. Everyone knows the best place to work in Lubbock is UMCP.

Edna Bustos, Supervisor, Revenue Cycle Management

UMCP comes highly rated: I’ve always heard great things about UMCP and how it is a great place to work.

Jordan Burkhead, Patient Representative, KingsPark

UMCP has great reviews and has a reputation of being an amazing place to work.

Andrea Mendoza, Patient Access & Referral Manager, Referral Center

I followed Dr. D’Alise to UMCP, and I’m so glad I did! Our Operations Director, Julie Cruz, has made the transition so smooth. I am just so happy to be back at UMCP!

Kim Angerer, Coding and Billing, Neurosurgery Clinic

UMCP shows friendliness in all aspects, and I am grateful to be in a kind environment.

Rosa Ernst, Primary Care Follow Up, Central Billing Office

Medicine is my passion, and I wanted to work in an environment that has this same value, which UMCP showed.

Destini Jones, CMA, Float

I was looking for a new experience to see if I want to pursue a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration, and UMCP was a great choice!

Kristian Lara, Patient Representative, Milwaukee Family Medicine

I previously worked at UMCP and missed patient care. The atmosphere exemplifies respect and is patient care centered. I returned, and my hope is to remain here for a long time.

Macy McMahan, Nurse Practitioner, UMC Southwest Gastroenterology (SWGI)

I’ve heard nothing but positive things about UMCP, and I wanted to be a part of the team!

Rhea Allen, LVN, Shallowater Clinic

I appreciate UMCP and the way they have taken care of my family. UMCP is an amazing place, and I have only heard great things!

Ashley Barron, CMA, Float

UMCP has amazing reviews and has great values. I chose to work here because of the positive environment reflected.

Keeley Reif, CMA, Dr. Craig Barker

I’ve heard amazing things about UMCP. The WaitfromHome app is amazing, and I have used it many times. The people I know that work at UMCP enjoy it, because it is an amazing place to work!

Haley Thomack, Patient Rep, LakeRidge Medical Center

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