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Apr 16th, 2020 | Latest News

A couple of articles ago, you read about the difference you are making in our community. We have received many forms of communication that prove you truly are making a difference! One of these is the below UMC Childcare testimonial…

“From my family, I wanted to thank you for your work on getting the daycare up and going so quickly.  My daughter works here at UMC. She has a 5-year-old son and she wants to be here every day during this time of crisis. The facility at which her son attends pre-K is no longer open due to COVID-19. However, she signed a contract at the beginning of the year for tuition, which is not being waved during this time as they are still providing at-home pre-K learning.

daycare testimonial

They followed LubbockISD’s schedule with extended Spring Break and online classes after that, so not only did that leave my grandson in need of childcare but also in need of someone to work with him on his online school work. There are enough of us aunts and grandparents here in town that we had all agreed to take PTO for one day per week to care for him until this is over. This was beginning to not only affect my daughter’s ability to go to work each day, but it was also beginning to affect four others in the family, as well.

Long story, but this is bottom line: she would have had to pay double— once for my grandson’s pre-K and again for day care while his pre-K is online-only, IF she could find somewhere for him. 

Your creation and execution of the UMC Childcare Program saved us!

Not only does my grandson have childcare, he has UMC staff and LISD teaching assistants to help him accomplish his online pre-K and my daughter isn’t having to pay an extra care fee. Thank you, thank you for your work on this!”  

-Melissa Evans, MT(ASCP) SH, Clinical System Analyst, UMC Department of Clinical Informatics

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